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Gold Cartel Series: iPhone Case

Gold Cartel Series: iPhone Case

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Give your Apple iPhone a promotion with our "Gold Cartel" series cases, tailored for the gold trader who calculates risks but still enjoys a good market tumble. These cases come with a dual-layer defense strategy: an outer polycarbonate layer tough enough to withstand the volatility of the trading floor, and a TPU lining that cushions the blow of sudden market drops.

Features at a Glance:

  • Composed of 100% market-resilient polycarbonate and a 100% TPU safety net.
  • Dual-layered for that extra peace of mind, because in trading and phone protection, two layers are better than one.
  • Wireless charging compatible, for when you need to power up your phone as fast as you close those deals (MagSafe, we’re working on it).
  • Choose your market position with a glossy finish for when you're feeling bullish, or matte when you're bearishly cautious.
  • Ports as open and accessible as a day trader’s browser tabs.
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